1. Genuine APC UPS Batteries

    Supply and delivery of genuine APC UPS battery catridges for various APC UPS's

    Recommended to use genuine APC UPS batteries to prolong the life of your UPS investment

    APC Batteries: RBC7, RBC55, RBC59

  2. APC Smart UPS Series for servers

    We supply APC Smart UPS of various sizes to companies throughout Trinidad

    APC Smart UPS's offer unmanaged shutdown of the network in cases of power failure. Battery health monitoring is also offered by the system.

    APC Smart UPS 1500VA [SUA1500, SMT1500]

    APC Smart UPS 1500VASC [SC1500]

    APC Smart UPS 3000VA [SMT3000]

  3. APC BackUPS series for Clients

    APC backUPS series is recommended for client machines.

    It offers battery monitoring as well as load shutdown in case of power loss.

  4. APC Software/Firmware Download

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We do not stock any APC UPS's. All require lead time to arrive. Usually 5 working days.
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