1. Microsoft Open Business Licensing

    All products offered under open business Licensing. Minimum quantity 5.

    Sales: sales@xbrlsolutions.net

  2. Microsoft Open Value Licensing

    This offers split payments over 3 years

    Has built in software assurance.

    All products offered under open value Licensing. Minimum quantity 5

    Sales: sales@xbrlsolutions.net

  3. Microsoft CSP Subscription Licensing

    This is a subscription license for Office 365 system.

    All products offered under CSP Licensing. No minimum quantity.

    Sales: sales@xbrlsolutions.net

  4. Microsoft Azure Tokens

    Tokens sold with value on Azure of $100.00USD each. Minimum quantity of 5 licenses.

    Sales: sales@xbrlsolutions.net

We offer these as TTD yearly subscription for those customers in Trinidad.
International Customers are offered in USD.
All licensing are sold with payment terms of cash in advance.