Managed Surveillance

Managed Surveillance Solution.

Must have a windows based network.
Must have a Windows 2012 to 2022 server.
Must have an external internet connection with at least 10Mb upload bandwidth.
Must have a TCP/IP v4/v6 network

Solution consists of the following:
Meraki Access Points and Meraki PoE Switches. Wifi 5 or Wifi 6 options. Meraki cameras.
Hardware has life time warranty until end of support by Cisco.
This solutions is fully customized on a per customer basis

Solution is subscription based with monthly billing

Assessment of customer system needed before solution can be proposed.

We offer this as a customer purchased solution or a monthly rental solution.
Key highlights:
Single Plane Video Wall.
Motion Dection and Alerting.
Area Search
Onboard camera storage
Power over ethernet (PoE) cameras.
Cloud access to video to authorized users.
Person detection.

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