1. Windows 10 E3 Subscription

    Supplied as an annual subscription on a per user basis.

    Once subscribed you can upgrade windows 7 pro and windows 8.1 Pro OEM clients to Windows 10 Enterprise.

  2. Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit OEM (English DVD)

    One time Payment. Supplied as physical package with CoA, DVD and product key.

    Cost $951.75TTD VAT Inclusive.

  3. Windows 10 Professional Upgrade Services

    One time Payment. Upgrade of computer from Win 7 Pro or Win 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro with all data preserved.

    Cost $450.00TTD VAT Inclusive.

  4. Windows 10 Upgrade Link

    For semi-annual download of windows 10 updates.

  5. Windows 10 Update Download

The Case For Windows 10 Upgrade

XBRL Solutions Limited recommendation to all customers: Upgrade to Windows 10 now. Recently there has been an increase in cases of viruses and ransomware attacking older operating systems. Windows 10 is always up to date, it updates every 2 weeks via windows update. Every 6 months a new version is released with new features and security enhancements. This is part of the Windows as a Service revolution. These subscriptions give businesses the ability to upgrade their client base for a subscription fee. Keep your company safe by upgrading now.