Managed Wifi

Managed Wifi Solution.

Must have a windows based network.
Must have a Windows 2012 to 2022 server.
Must have an external internet connection with at least 1Mb upload bandwidth.
Must have a Active Directory system in place
Must have a TCP/IP v4/v6 network
Must have switch network that supports VLAN's

Solution consists of the following:
Meraki Access Points and Meraki PoE Switches. Wifi 5 or Wifi 6 options.
Hardware has life time warranty until end of support by Cisco.
This solutions is fully customized on a per customer basis

Solution is subscription based with yearly licensing

Assessment of customer system needed before solution can be proposed.

We offer this as a customer purchased solution or a monthly rental solution.
Key highlights:
Give users better user experience with exeptional wireless performance with Quality of Service embedded.
Users have speed and reliablity for business critial applications.
Protect user data in transit with strong RADIUS WPA2/3 or RADIUS certificate based security.
Have enterprise grade wireless capablity for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
Control network access for user's based on Active directory group memberships.
Provide wireless networks for guest where guests cannot see internal resources but have internet access.
Avaliable deep analytics and access control for the wireless network.
Best in class Wireless coverage using 802.11ac and Wave 2 Technology
Customer visibility using Wireless Heat Maps
Visitor Analytics
Seamless Roaming Between APs

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