1. Benefits of Meraki Solutions

    Reduce complexity in IT and store operations.

    Use data to improve customer experiences.

    Make operations more sustainable by better managing resources and reducing costs.

    Automate store operations and business processes.

    Keep stores safe and secure.

    Enable staff to be more productive and efficient.

  2. MV Smart Camera

    Supply and install of these devices as well as all licenses.

    For physical security solutions. Cloud based solutions. Can view via web browser. Smart phone support via Meraki Mobile App. Works on ipad. All models sold. Meraki Vision portal access.

    Motion Search. Video wall rotation.

    MV2 Flex Camera. Small, powerful and flexible enough to bring smart security anywhere. USB-C powered, Wifi Connectivity, live video only, historical video avaliable with cloud archive.

    Office space occupancy Analytics avaliable on MV32 cameras with MV Sense. Output provides Real time view of office occupancy, historical occupancy data and desk and meeting room level data

  3. Meraki MT Sensors (Environmental Monitoring)

    Supply and install of these devices as well as all licenses.

    Requires existing MR/MV (Gateways) at customer site. Supported on WiFi 5 and 6 (MR33 and Above).

    Providing sensors to monitor server rooms. Temperature, Humidity, Water leaks from old HVAC systems, Door Open/Closed. Investment protection for High Value IT Equipment.

    Cold Storage Monitoring. MT11 Temperature probe sensor - Proactive monitoring of refrigeration assests to ensure compliance with storage requirements, prevent customers from getting sick, minimizing monetary inventory loss, and measuring efficacy of aging refrigeration equipment. Useful for Supermarkets.

    Meraki MT10 (Temperature and Humidity Sensor), Meraki MT11 (Temperature probe sensor), Meraki MT12 (Water Leak Sensor), Meraki MT20 (Door Open/Close [Intrusion] Sensor)

    All Have 5 Year Battery, BLE, 5 days on-board data storage, proactive alerting

  4. Meraki SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

    MX75, MX85, MX95, MX105. Cost Effective gigabit SD-WAN branch connectivity

    For Site to Site SD-WAN linking of branch offices

  5. Meraki MG Cellular Gateways

    MG41, MG41E - MG Cellular Gateway. Agile gigabit cellular connectivity for remote locations. Dual Physical sim's. Weatherproofing IP67. Power PoE or DC.

    Superfast, resilient connectivity anywhere. Primary or failover connectivity, IP67-rated for outdoors, External Antennas options, multi-surface mounting options

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