1. Azure Solutions (for Enterprise)

    Cost varies per month.

    Azure Subscriptions

  2. Azure Security Center and Azure Defender

    Azure Subscriptions

    Protect hybrid cloud against workloads against advanced threats with Azure Security Center and Azure Defender.

    Optimize threat protection and security management across hybrid workloads.

    Azure Security overview

    Azure Security Center is a tool to manage security posture and protect against threats. It's integrated with Azure Defender to protect workloads running in the cloud. With Azure security organizations can:
    - Continuously assess their security posture across hybrid clouds.
    - Protect against cyberattacks with Microsoft threat intelligence.
    - Simplify security management with built-in controls, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation.
    - Strengthen both security and regulatory compliance.
    Benefits of Azure security

    - Improve security and compliance of cloud and on-premises resources with ongoing assessment, visualization, and recommendations.
    - Protect across hybrid workloads including servers, storage, SQL, networks, and applications running on Azure, on-premises, and in other clouds.
    - Simplify security management with a single portal that has built-in AI and automation tools.
    Meet your customers' need for:
    Visibility across cloud and on-premises.
    Customers with hybrid environments can get actionable insights across all their cloud resources.
    End-to-end security and compliance.
    Azure provides integrated protection across hybrid cloud workloads.
    Easier management.
    Azure makes it easier to manage complex IT environments and protect against ever evolving cyberthreats.

We offer these as TTD yearly subscription for those customers in Trinidad.
International Customers are offered in USD.
We also offer open license versions of these licenses.