Cloud-Managed Security Cameras
Revolutionizing surveillance with intelligent, cloud-managed smart cameras for enhanced security and business insights.
System health monitoring with remote troubleshooting so you never miss a shot.
Motion alerts and smart search help you identify and resolve incidents quickly.
Combine camera, sensor, and network data for insight into the physical world.
Storage and processing on each camera eliminates the complexity of separate storage, servers, and analytics.
View video anywhere with nothing to install, and secure access with unique user accounts and data encryption every step of the way
Leverage on-camera processing for real-time video intelligence that brings analytics and insights to new areas.

  • MV-Family Datasheet

  • Featured model MV32 - Immersive 360 field of view, 8.4MP Sensor, 256GB Solid-state storage.
  • MV32

  • Featured model MV2 - Unique, compact form factor, flexible mount options, WLAN capable.
  • MV2

  • All other models (Meraki Display, MV2, MV12N, MV12W, MV12WE, MV22, MV22X, MV32, MV52, MV63, MV63X, MV72, MV72X, MV93, MV93X) are avaliable for purchase.