Cloud Backup Solution

Enterprise grade cloud backup solution for Small to Large businesses.

Must have a windows based network.
Must have a Windows 2008 to 2016 server.
Must have an external internet connection with at least 1Mb upload bandwidth.
Must have a Workgroup OR Active Directory (preferred) system in place

Solution can backup the following:
File and folders
Hyper-V Virtual Machines
VMware Virtual Machines
Baremetal recovery
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Exchange Server
System state
Microsoft Sharepoint server
Azure Virtual Machines

Solution is subscription based
Solution does not invlove tapes or tape library management
Solution is AUTOMATED
Backed up data transmitted to the cloud is encrypted and geolocated
Backed up data is NOT stored in a Trinidad and Tobago datacenter
Backup can span multiple years

Required:Assessment of customer system needed before solution can be proposed.

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