We are a Symantec Registered Partner for licensing Solutions.

  1. Symantec Endpoint Security

    We offer the latest version of Symantec Enterprise Antivirus solutions.

  2. Symantec Endpoint Security
  3. Symantec DataLoss Prevention

    This is symantec Enterprise backup solution. Both on site licenses and cloud based solutions are available.

  4. Symantec DataLoss Prevention
  5. Symantec PGP Desktop Encryption Licenses

    These licenses allow for end to end encryption solutions. Used in the financial sector.

  6. Symantec PGP
  7. Symantec (Verisign) Digital ID Certificates

    This is used for digital certificates for emails as well as document signatures.

  8. Symantec Digital ID's

All costs for these licenses will be quoted and billed in USD.