Enterprise Cloud-Managed access points
Meraki Wireless APs feature integrated, easy to use technologies to provide secure connectivity for your network.
Continually optimize network performance as capacity, traffic and utilization changes.
Automate root-cause analysis pinpoint the problem, and deploy fixes, fast.
Be alerted when traffic resolution is needed using Meraki Wi-Fi Smart Thresholds

  • MR-Family Datasheet

  • Featured model MR36 - High-performance wireless - 2x2:2 UL/DL MU-MIMO and OFDMA, General purpose wireless. Wi-Fi 6.
  • MR36

  • Featured model MR28 - Cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 performance for small business and SOHO deployments.
  • MR28

  • All other models (MR57, CW9166, CW9166D1, CW9164, CW9162, MR56, MR46, MR46E, MR44, MR36, MR36H, MR30H, MR28, MR70, MR86, MR78, MR76) are avaliable for purchase.